About OSIRT Ltd

OSIRT Ltd. is a leader in digital investigation solutions. Founded in 2016 by Dr Joseph Williams, OSIRT has continually evolved to meet the challenging demands of online and digital investigations. Our commitment to this challenge has positioned us at the forefront of the industry, making us the preferred choice for professionals across various sectors, including law enforcement, academia, journalism, and legal services.

Our flagship product, OSIRT iii, embodies our ethos of creating user-centric and powerful tools. We're dedicated to empowering our users with the resources they need to conduct thorough and efficient investigations while maintaining the highest standards.

At OSIRT Ltd., we believe in a safer digital world, and through our software and services, we strive to make a significant contribution towards achieving it.

We are proud to be a spin-out company from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. This reflects our dedication to our roots in cutting-edge research, enhancing our ability to deliver innovative solutions.

OSIRT Ltd is a registered company based in the UK. | Company Number: 14488378 | VAT number: 450183418 | Business Address: OSIRT Ltd, MacLaurin Building 4 Bishops Cl, Hatfield. AL10 9NE | contact@osirt.co.uk

Team Member

Dr. Joseph Williams, Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer at OSIRT Ltd, Joe Williams applies his specialised knowledge in software engineering and cyber security to guide product development. With a solid academic background from the University of Hertfordshire's School of Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science, his research has focused on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, which are crucial for modern cyber security practices. Joe's collaboration with various sectors has contributed to the practical application of his research, leading to the creation of OSIRT. This tool has been widely adopted for internet investigations, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in the field.

Team Member

Jeets Aulak, Managing Director

Jeets brings over two decades of experience to his role at OSIRT Ltd, having collaborated closely with UK policing units and agencies, including the National Crime Agency. His diverse background includes strategic roles, where he has overseen teams tackling serious crimes, including high-profile cyber investigations.