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Experience the next level with OSIRT iii, our latest and most refined investigative tool. With a range of powerful features at your fingertips, it's designed to enhance your workflow seamlessly. And this is just a glimpse; there are even more capabilities waiting for you. Explore the potential with OSIRT iii.


With just a click, easily capture full page, partial, and specific area screenshots for detailed documentation.

Full Page Capture

Effortlessly capture source code, MHTML, links, and even just the human-readable text on any given webpage.

Download Capture

Capture downloads and save them automatically to your case. Including video downloads.

Page Alerts

Enter the tag you are looking for and working with the OSIRT iii Digital Casebook, it will highlight and alert you to the match.

Dark Web

Advanced investigator? Easily access the Dark Web via Tor in conjunction with our OSIRT iii Digital Casebook.

Fully Auditable

All your captures are automatically logged, hashed, and date and time stamped in the OSIRT iii Digital Casebook.


Export your report easily with all your captures in a variety of formats for easy presentation and dissemination.

Privacy By Design

Data captured with OSIRT iii stays only on your machine and never touches our servers, respecting your privacy.

Explore OSIRT iii

Dive deep into the exciting features of OSIRT iii. Discover how OSIRT iii enhances digital investigations, offering reliable tools tailored for today's evolving industry needs. Don't just read about it – see some of the tools in action!

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What Our Users Say

Trusted globally by law enforcement, government bodies, top academic institutions, journalists, and legal experts. Hear directly from our diverse range of users about the impact of OSIRT iii in their work.

  • "OSIRT iii is awesome! Whether you're a seasoned investigator or just starting out, this software has everything you need. The speed and ease of use have made my tasks so much more efficient. "

  • "I've tried multiple tools for online research, but nothing comes close to OSIRT iii. It's streamlined and intuitive."

  • "Ever since I started using OSIRT iii, my online investigations have never been the same. It's unbelievably fast and user-friendly, even for someone like me who isn't tech-savvy. "

  • "As a legal professional, accuracy and efficiency are key. OSIRT iii delivers on both fronts, providing precise and rapid data collection for online investigations. "

  • "In our non-profit organization, resources are always tight. OSIRT iii has been an extremely cost-effective solution, providing high-quality online investigation capabilities that rival, and better, the more expensive tools in the market"

  • "First of all, I would like to congratulate you, the software is unique and intuitive. I do about 1,500/2,000 forensic documentations of [activity] on the Internet every year for several clients. Therefore, such fast software is a great time saver for me."

OSIRT iii on computer desktop

Help & Support

We recognise the significance of dependable and effective software support. OSIRT iii is crafted with self-reliance in mind, accompanied by a detailed user guide that enables you to navigate and utilise our software effortlessly. However, we acknowledge that each organisation has distinct needs and challenges.

Should you be part of an organisation in need of specialised support, we are ready to collaborate with you to devise a bespoke solution that caters to your specific requirements. Our committed team is dedicated to ensuring your software experience is seamless, productive, and in perfect alignment with your organisational objectives.

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